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, loaded with them. >> yeah. not many people watched it. i mean to be honest, some say the storm, and sandy may have had an impact, i don't know that it's -- voters who decided in the last seven days, barack obama won a majority. which was a huge surprise to political scientists around the country who will tell you where you have an incumbent and challenger, the challenger picks up the majority of the last minute voters and so-called undecided voters because they are not happy with the status quo, but wait until the end to decide. in this case, they broke for the incumbent, and sandy probably had something to do with that, but, look, i think it's a matter of policy. it's a matter of outreach because people speak for the republican party, and timely, it's a matter of tone. in, again, making people feel that this is not just an exclusive party, but the policies are inclusive, and we were just not getting it to that level. >> do you think the comments by the senator candidates akin, and did that affect polling you saw for republicans broadly? >> yes. [laughter] >> the final numbers, i think, a
. one without the property case, chris and sandy can delete items from other two boys, spencer and elliott twins purchase entering high school. her mom still are. , so we have to tell this human story as often as possible because that's what america cares about them we have to be smart and strategic advocate the strict curries as fast as we can, but always remembering why we fight and i can't be more eloquent that you just wear. >> you talked about coalitions for the works i was stunned this election season. how do you see our role as lgbt people and working on other issues of oppression and were d.c. that needs to play out? they take those benefits but don't always get them back. >> you're absolutely right. the something patrick was talking about there. it's important if you look at this fiscal clip we'll talk about, sequestration we don't come through sensible resolution here, all people, including lgbt people. it's often silly when you have discussions as though lgbt people are part of the community impacted by health care or impact by cuts in medical care, particularly care
include doubling down on green technology and particularly solar. as we know from superstore and sandy, people out of power for weeks and weeks and it seems to me that is the way to help deal with what is likely to be from what scientists are telling us, an increase in the kind of variety and ferocity of storms that will damage our communities on the eastern seaboard in particular for years and years. so we're talking about enormous urban communities that are going to be crippled by whether they would need to be prepared to deal with that. >> mr. packer, did you want to jump in on that? >> to both increase minorities in teaching, we have to lift up the teaching profession. we have to make teachings of the people value and want to go into them right now there's a lot of criticism and unions and low morale among the teaching profession. i think we really need to do more to encourage young people and people of color in inner-city peace to go in teaching. teach for america -- i have nothing against teach for america, but it's not a long-term solution. we need to get people to serving their
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3